Our Story

Beginning on a farm in Ngaroma, Waikato, and ending with gorgeous Redwood timber adorning homes across New Zealand, Land Milling is a classic Kiwi success story.

Nick learned the ropes helping his dad mill local trees with their portable saw, but soon started making his own way in the milling business. For over 20 years he’s been at the heart of the Land Milling team, crafting native timber to suit the needs of local homeowners and builders. Over the last 6 years or so, Land Milling has found their perfect niche: preparing and delivering beautiful, stable, and tough-wearing Redwood timber. With a hard won culture of serving Kiwi communities and taking absolute pride in their work, Nick and the Land Milling team found that Redwood was the perfect fit for New Zealanders seeking a quality weatherboard cladding: sustainable, stunning on first sight, and durable enough to withstand the wear and warping of the elements.

Today, Land Milling is the nation’s leading supplier of Redwood timber, proudly giving Kiwis the chance to enjoy the many benefits of one of our most treasured locally grown trees. Curious about what Redwood cladding could look like for your place? Get in touch and we can send you a sample: after all, seeing is believing.

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Nick 027 279 2679
Alex 021 149 5755


129 Princes Street,
Putaruru, 3411
New Zealand

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Land Milling is the leading supplier of New Zealand Redwood cladding, the self-treated, sustainable cladding solution perfect for Kiwi homes.