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Different Redwood grades to match your building needs

Not all timber is created equal. Redwood is a gorgeous, cost effective, sustainable, American cedar alternative - a wood that will look great and wear well for years to come.

With a vastly reduced carbon footprint compared to imported cedar, and the ability to regrow from existing stumps, Redwood is the timber of choice for eco-conscious Kiwis. But even within the range of Redwood supplied by Land Milling, there are different grades of timber available. Which one is right for you? Read a little further to find out.

Redwood Premium Grade

No imperfections, just beauty. Our premium grade timber is the most sought after kind of Redwood.

Free of knots and other flaws, this grade is perfect for windows, doors, joinery and cladding. Boasting very low shrinkage and stunning aesthetics, our premium grade heart Redwood is designed to last - and to impress.

Tight Knot Grade

You can see a little of the story of each tree in this wonderfully hard wearing grade.

This grade includes live green tight knots, but far from compromising the timber, these features simply show off the timber’s natural qualities while preserving its stability and durability.

Redwood Colour Clears

This one’s a stunner. With its combination of red heart wood and blonde sap wood, this grade is a striking addition to any house.

Ideal for internal cladding, our Redwood Colour Clears timber is often used for ceilings or an eye-catching feature wall - the perfect way to show off a stunning New Zealand grown wood in your home.

Redwood: Quality New Zealand timber

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