Thinking about cladding that makes a statement? Redwood is fast becoming New Zealand Premium Timber Cladding of Choice. If you want to have timber cladding on your home, Redwood is the environmentally intelligent option.

Redwood vertical cladding

Nothing comes close to the stunning appearance of a solid Redwood deck or Pergola

Classic Redwood decking
contract felling

We have specialist skills, experience and equipment, and will work anywhere in New Zealand, completing the felling and milling on your property at a competitive price. We can manage all your logging requirements, from precision tree felling and helicopter recoveries deep in the forest – to the careful removal of an overgrown Norfolk or Nikau in your garden.

Timber weatherboard or cladding in nz. We provide you with the most stable and beautiful timber weatherboards in New Zealand. Redwood cladding pros include no chemical treatments and locally grown forest. As a timber cladding option redwood timber cladding is the most popular premium timber among the discerning home owners.


Redwood cladding details for timber cladding, panels, redwood cladding and prices can all be found here. Redwood cladding for sheds is a great choice for that premium timber look.


There are numerous advantages to timber weatherboards but the most are with redwood. Redwood around windows as timber cladding is second to none as a premium look. Redwood is the alternative timber cladding and we offer advice around all timber cladding and weatherboards. You can even upgrade your existing home with timber cladding over a brick house. There are so many options for  timber cladding a house. 


We have provided timber cladding for all buildings type that you can imagine,  timber cladding a shed with cladding boards, or timber weatherboards  cladding with board and battens. 


A New trend we see is timber weatherboards cladding bathrooms or timber cladding battens  in smaller sizes cladding feature walls.


Surprisingly internal timber cladding costs are very low when compared to other wall materials. for a warm natural look timber cladding your ceiling is a great feature to a home. 


Redwood timber for cladding construction is easier for the builder as its very light to handle and cuts and nails without issue.


We provide redwood timber cladding in all dimensions and profiles, and with timber cladding design and timber weatherboards exteriors are only restricted by your imagination.  


We will supply weatherboards for your cladding extension or timber cladding exterior wall.  You can use timber weatherboard cladding for all buildings,  timber cladding garages is popular.


 Tongue and Groove is becoming popular as t&g timber cladding external and t&g timber cladding exterior. Additionally its a versatile profile seen as t&g timber cladding vertical, t&g timber cladding horizontal and as sofit. 


Timber cladding ideas are changing all the time as better ideas and looks are developed, timber cladding is now common as internal timber cladding. 


Timber joinery has always been very popular and gives a classic and premium look. Timber cladding kitchens or weatherboard in timber cladding for your kitchen extension can give a old french country cottage look.


Redwood timber cladding is low maintenance timber and in some places can be like painting with reapplications only needed every 5-7 years. Cladding materials come in a great number of options but timber cladding is hard to beat. As manufacturers of premium timber cladding we supply merchants timber cladding and public. Call LAND Milling to talk about timber weatherboard for cladding your modern home. We know all the timber cladding methods.  Timber weatherboard has been cladding New Zealand homes for 300 years and you can still see the orginal timber cladding on many of these houses. 

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