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Redwood: the Sustainable Timber of the Future

More and more people these days are starting to turn to Redwood timber for their cladding and other building needs, recognising its pros as a locally grown cedar alternative. But although its beautiful red and gold aesthetics and hard-wearing, low shrinkage qualities are a major drawcard for many, there’s another aspect to Redwood timber that is even more attractive for a growing number of New Zealanders: its sustainability. Redwood ticks a lot of boxes as an eco-conscious building material - ...

July 27, 2021

4 Reasons Redwood is Right for Your Home

While painted walls and ceilings seem to be the norm these days, there’s something uniquely beautiful about a house that features high quality timber cladding. While American cedar has been a traditional timber choice for many, Kiwis are beginning to rediscover the incredible properties of locally grown Californian Redwood. While many might be more familiar with Redwoods as a natural tourism attraction, these statuesque trees have been cultivated for timber in New Zealand since the early days ...

July 7, 2021

Redwood in New Zealand - a Journey of Giants

As you may have guessed from the name, Californian Redwoods aren’t native to New Zealand - but in spite of that, these beautiful, striking trees have become an iconic part of our nation, particularly due to the Redwoods Forest near Rotorua on the North Island. So how exactly has the wonderfully distinctive Redwood tree grown to be a key, recognisable piece of our landscape, and what’s its role in New Zealand today? There’s a bit of a story to that....

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