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STABLE PRIME is made from the most famously stable natural wood, Redwood.  We then remove all the natural imperfections leaving only strong clear heartwood. This is then structurally jointed to produce the ideal timber weatherboard for painted homes.  


What are the benefits of  

Redwood weatherboards?


Because we do not need to chemically treat STABLE PRIME, and it does not come with massive shipping costs, the end product is very surprisingly affordable. This means that you get a premium weatherboard for little more than the cost of pine. 


Natural Durability

Natural elements in Redwood mean it has a strong natural resistance to weather, insects and disease. No chemical treatment is required as this timber naturally meets all building standards.


 Redwood is famous for its superior stability meaning that there is minimal timber movement once the house is built. This is why Redwood has been a first choice for timber joiners for 300 years.


No Resin Bleed 

Stable Prime is made from the premium heartwood of the Redwood tree. This timber loves paint and stain as its contains a low to no resin content. This is a painter's dream weatherboard.  


 All our Redwood is sourced in New Zealand from private plantations. Our Redwood is not imported, it doesn't come on ships from virgin forests, it is plantation forest that was started in New Zealand  in the late 1800s.  To ensure this timber remains sustainable the New Zealand Redwood Company plants an additional  100 hectares in New Zealand every year. This will maintain this beautiful timber for future generations.  

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