Redwood Grain Types

Red is beautiful - Wood is gorgeous. Combined they give a stunning grain with exceptional warmth.

 Premium Grade

Only the Best

Number 1 Cladding Grade

Guaranteed Excellence for all your cladding and decking  needs

Colour premium 

Indoor Feature timber

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Redwood is Beautiful

Fiddleback/ Curly grain

Rare and Intriguing

This is a rare and stunning premium heart clear timber grain. The look of Fiddleback Redwood is truly impressive and hard to capture in a photo. It gives the appearance of 3D waves or ripples in the timber. These 30 - 50 years to form, starting when a tree is pushed off balance in a storm. This then creates an uneven weight within the tree. This weight causes the tree to try and compensate for the imbalance over time but the compression on the timber over years takes its toll and we see this marvel of nature.

run of mill Grade

For that rustic look

Our ethos is sustainability and we practise this by ensuring as much of these beautiful old trees get used well. 

Our Shed grade is a low cost timber that many people love to use for there rustic Garden shed or dog kennel.  You get a great timber and your project will look good for years.

This timber is not suitable for cladding homes due to its black knot inclusions.     

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